Hansaram is a small family owned business led by Suku Park. The corporation operates a small crafts museum, an online store (both opening soon) and a residency for artists, activists and private guests. Other activities include art and design related work for private and public agency clients.


The Building

The museum and residency building is under construction and expected to complete in early 2022. The museum and residency construction is ecologically built and over 80% of the building materials are free of any glue or chemicals, the main construction materials are also sourced regionally. The building operates on 100% renewable power-grid energy, both during construction and future operations.


Situated up on a hill in the middle of the arctic forest, the views from the museum and residency building overlook the Arctic Circle with its signature vast open skies, forests and lakes.


The Hansaram Artist Residency

Hansaram is inviting artists and activists to become pilot residents of the museum and residency building in 2022. Artists are invited to the residency for recuperation, rest and peaceful work. Situated in the Arctic Circle, the residency offers hosted contemporary living, an exhibition- and work space, sauna, bath and vast views over arctic landscapes. The kitchen and the dining nook are at the heart of the residency.


The residency will open in 2022 to artists, activists, writers, researchers, designers, entrepreneurs and creative professionals who seek to examine, build and contribute to more socially just societies.


Suku Park Crafts Museum

The small gallery space will exhibit the Park family art collections as well as represent the artwork of the Hansaram artist residents and other local and international artists.


The Stay

Intended for private guests and when the artist residency is vacant, the museum and residency will open its doors for guests who consider coming over for rest and recuperation. Situated in the middle of a forest, on top of a small hill, guests will have space to rest, take forest foraging walks and set themselves for the perfect mood and mode for recuperation. The residency will offer private and professional ceramic lessons, provide access to studio spaces and art materials. Other activities such as winter cross country skiing, ice fishing, Lapland hikes, reindeer and husky rides and dips in the lake will also be available. The community offers affordable access to outdoor tennis and track and field during the short summer season.


Despite its remote location guests will be surrounded by the familiarity of good food, nice coffee, perfect tea, desktop work, and contemporary arts and crafts. Private guest stays are currently by invitation only and are hosted.


The approach

Hansaram aims to build a positive and inclusive community of artists, activists and engaged citizens through managing spaces and services focused on contemporary art, crafts, and activities that examine and build just societies. Despite being a small player in the grand scheme of things, the priority is to constantly improve operations’ inclusion of diversity, act on equity and keep environmental health and local engagement at the core.



in Korean means ‘one person’, or a ‘Han’ person - a reference to Korean heritage and origin of the family corporation. It is also a word play of the owner’s children’s names, Hans and Sara.